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It was very moving and completely jumped off the page. A beautiful “Dra-musical” a beautiful dramatic musical. Bravo!

Kimberlee Ferreira

WOW - really cool production, and well delivered and great performances!

Weslie Brown

I am still reeling from your show a couple of weeks ago!!  Talk about Powerful!

Stephanie M.

Relevant! Brilliance is a masterfully told story of the life and career of a 1930's film star and yet, after the last note is sung, all I could think was how timely it is. Frances Farmer suffered as much, if not more, from society's cruel ignorance and shame around mental illness, as she did from mental illness itself. It's tragic to think that nearly a century later not much has changed. Think Brittany Spears, Michael Phelps, Demi Lovato and countless other high profile public figures who without their willingness to come forward about mental health, the issue would still be completely taboo. Lance Lewman (book, lyrics and music) with partners Kristan King and Gabriel Kane (additional music and lyrics) weave this tale with such compassion, grace and humanity that this story of old is new and frighteningly relevant.

Sheila Ivy Traister

Thank you for Brilliance! I was very concerned about watching a show about Frances Farmer. The movie was so disturbing that it went on my list of great movies I never want to see again. Your show similarly affected me, especially the ending, but the music was so good that it did calm my emotions. We stopped going to recently written musical because, unlike the music in Brilliance, the music often seemed irrelevant to the show and was un-hummable and un-whistleable. Congratulations on a really good show and to the wonderful cast.

Howard Passel

Everything came together beautifully… the acting, the songs, the casting and the stage directions were all so great We were able to follow the story as a stage production… Excellent job! Looking forward to its future!”

Patricia Colabucc

Outstanding production tonight! I think your musical is great, your cast astounding, and this story is incredible and not known by many. We all enjoyed it. All impressed greatly by the cast you gathered. The ladies were sublime. Seeing Ted was joyous…what a great performer he is. But I got to tell you…there is a Star apparent here. This Gabriel Kane fellow is the leading man to watch…wowza…how talented and proud you all must be!

Robert E. McNeil

I can’t even begin to express how great of a job EVERYONE did to bring this project to life! Bravo to the cast and crew!!!

Collin Laird